Brocacel Yeast 1kg Free Post

£ 9.99 

One of the very best Yeast powders to come out in the last few years, this single CELL Yeast powder is well known to promote gut intestinal flora, therefore improving digestion/absorption of nutrients. With a crude protein level of 42%, low in fat <6%, Brocacel Yeast is an ideal all year round ingredient, as with all Yeast powders it contains an impressive array of Vitamins and Minerals, Brocacel is also widely used in the pet food industry as a taste enhancer, recommended levels are 20-50grams (2-5%) per kilo of basemix


Pre Digested Fishmeal CPSP90 1kg Free Post

£ 8.99 

The very best Pre-Digested Fishmeal (CPSP 90) on the market today in our opinion, Carp love this product, it’s nutritional profile ensures they keep coming back for more, it has a pepsin protein digestibility in excess of 95%+ and low oil content, the high solubility of this product ensures maximum chemo-attraction occurs. Recommended levels are up to 10% of your total mix


Norwegian Krill Meal 1kg Free Post

£ 8.99 

This Norwegian produced Krill Meal is one of the very best available ingredients incorporated into any quality feed/bait formulation, a superb source of protein, lipids, carotenoids & anti-oxidants, used highly in many top Koi/Fish feeds, due to the light nature of this product consideration needs to be given on amounts used in bottom feed formulations, use as much as you can get away with, up to 10% of your total mix.


Robinred 1kg Free Post

£ 12.99 

ORIGINAL AND STILL THE BEST! Insist on the genuine, authentic and successful Robin Red. It's a legend.

Robin Red is a superb attractor, and is also a nutritional food ingredient. Its unique smell and taste have tempted literally thousands of carp since the 1950s. The active ingredients in Robin Red are even a bit of a mystery to us. What makes Robin Red so attractive to fish? This debate started in 1950 and hasn't concluded quite yet!

Beware of any look-alike that claims to be Robin Red.

Robin Red® Licence No: RR0069270317UK



LT94 Fishmeal Norwegian 1kg Free Post

£ 7.99 

A superb quality, low temperature fishmeal from Norway, a must in many fish feed formulations, manufactured from an IFFO RS approved plant. It’s quality protein (approx 72%) has a digestibility of over 90%+, a very good Amino Acid profile for those producing high quality feed/bait products, this LT Fishmeal also provides a source of Lipids, Vitamins and Minerals, can be used up to 40% of your total feed/bait mix


Provimmi 66 White Fishmeal 1kg Free Post

£ 7.99 

An inexpensive Fishmeal again used for the bulk protein of aquaculture/fish diets. Use up to 35% of your total mix dependant on other ingredients used. Try mixing 50-50 with our LT94 Fishmeal.


Baitwize 50:50 Basemix 1kg Free Post

£ 6.99 

A classic 50/50 mix.

Containing a mix of semolina, heat treated full fat soya, maize meal and Milk Powder.

Please note this mix is 10% Soluble, we recommend a total Soluble value of around 20% in a finished bait, so plenty of room for you to experiment with. Why not take a look at our other bait making ingredients and come up with your own personalised mix?

Can be used straight out the bag and just add eggs and a drop of oil. Or you can use this as a base to work on.



Basic Fishmeal Recipe:

  1. 50:50 mix 600g
  2. LT94 150g
  3. Prov 66 150g
  4. Pre Digested Fishmeal 50g
  5. Mussel Powder 50g

Add Whey Gel (HG80) at 50g per kg to give a harder longer lasting bait.





Soluble Mixed Mussel Powder 500g Free Post

£ 17.99 

So here we have our in-house blended De-fetted Green & Blue lipped water solube amino rich Mussel Powder. This extract is very attractive to most freshwater fish. Recommended inclusion levels of upto 100g per kilo.




Whey Gel - Oragel HG80 1kg Free Post

£ 15 

Whey Gel is a modified whey protein used in the human food industry to replace eggs in food items where strong gelling properties are required. It makes an outstanding bait hardener and is very cost effective when compared to Egg Albumen and other milk products.